Tech Data Systems Announces the TDS Teller Pro Count System 

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The exceptional Cassida Pro Series Zeus currency counter features innovative, leading-edge technology that meets and even exceeds the needs of demanding cash processing environments. By populating the cash received entry fields in the teller app, Add-On Technologies’ efficient Cash-In EZ-Wedge interface products help save time while eliminating the need for tellers to manually enter their counts, significantly reducing the human error factor as well. Tech Data Systems is proud to announce that it is now combining these two powerful tools into a single integrated system: the TDS Teller Pro Count System!

The Cassida Pro Series Revolutionized Currency Counting 

The innovative Cassida Pro Series Zeus is an industry leader in 2-pocket currency discriminators. Zeus was developed to streamline cash processing by making bill recognition faster, easier, and more accurate, regardless of bill condition. The Zeus accomplishes this with leading-edge bill recognition, advanced counterfeit detection, and detailed count reporting functions. Users trust the reliable Cassida Pro Series because the engineering, design, user interface, and precision are supported by over a decade of service to global banks, financial institutions, and larger retailers. The Zeus features a compact design, an extremely intuitive user interface, quiet operation, uninterrupted counting, and the fewest rejects of good bills when compared to other currency counters available today.

Add-On Technologies Cash-In EZ-Wedge Links Machine Counts to Financial Software 

Currency counters have traditionally been used as pieces of standalone equipment. That means users must write down their counts and then type them manually into financial apps. Add-On Technologies’ Cash-In EZ-Wedge allows users to directly transfer counts from currency counters into their financial application by just pressing the “print” button on the counter, saving time and eliminating user error. Best of all, there’s no software to install on the computer and no alterations to the teller app needed. A simple setup utility configures the EZ-Wedge for virtually any banking or retail program, so it can typically be installed in less than 15 minutes – without help from IT.

TDS Teller Pro Count 

Tech Data Systems created the TDS Teller Pro Count to combine the power of the Cassida Pro Series currency counter with the convenience of the EZ-Wedge in a single, compact, easy-to-use design. The TDS Teller Pro Count offers seamless integration because all the apps are already installed. Simply plug it in, insert your bills for counting, and the TDS Teller Pro Count will automatically populate the cash received entry fields in the teller app.

Tech Data Systems has been automating transactions for more than 27 years. Our collaborative experience with partners like NCR, Canon, LG, and Jaguar Software enables us to provide our customers with the software, hardware, and support that can streamline operational processes, reduce errors, and improve bottom lines. Now, with TDS Teller Pro Count, we’re taking automated cash handling to the next level. To find out more, visit




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