Tech Data Systems and ARCA: A Partnership You Can Bank On


Tech Data Systems integrates technology and flexibility, offering a vast selection of options for your financial institution’s best performance. As part of our commitment to these high standards, Tech Data Systems has partnered with ARCA. Through this partnership, our customers will have access to ARCA’s full line of teller cash recyclers. ARCA—right size, right fit. With the only single-user device on the market, their line will service any size, any volume branch. This is beneficial to every cash environment in the branch and creates opportunities for cash automation plus teller-customer engagement.

The New Key to Cash Management

Cash recycling is, at its core, a holistic approach to cash management. Utilizing a complex machine that accepts and dispenses cash, cash recyclers also store money securely, keep an accurate accounting of cash on hand, and automate the cash cycle. Streamlining these processes impacts every other person and activity in a given financial institution–increasing productivity and efficiency across every team and their associated tasks. Reduced costs and increased controls are the natural results of implementing cash recycling technologies and practices.

Increase Your Revenue and Efficiency

These cash automation technologies deliver proven performance and unprecedented flexibility across an entire branch. In addition to efficiency, these practices create opportunities in critical areas, such as badly needed revenue increases in today’s banking climate. With Tech Data Systems’ and ARCA’s best practices in place, every branch transaction is transformed into an opportunity to connect with your customers, build relationships, and generate revenue. The potential sales impact of a 20-second window of teller-customer engagement is tremendous. This new powerhouse partnership is here to help you create the right environments that enable your staff to grow revenue while better serving your customers.

The Tech Data Solution

For nearly three decades, Tech Data Systems has focused on delivering Payment Solutions, Cash Automation, and Branch Automation to our U.S. customers. These processes are completed through the use of Deposit Automated ATM’s, Cash Recycling, and Self-Service hardware. In partnerships with big names such as NCR, Canon, and Jaguar Software, we’ve provided our customers with software, hardware, and support to help automate their business process. We have also maintained successful service operations in Texas and Oklahoma, with regional offices in Amarillo, Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City.

The Tech Data Systems partnership with ARCA will increase your revenue potential. ARCA Cash recyclers free your staff to make the most out of every opportunity and encourage team members to develop relationships and offer new services to customers, all the while eliminating wasted time and effort counting and corralling cash. This powerful partnership offers results you can bank on.

Learn more here about the ways this new team can help your team make the most of its time and money through Tech Data Systems.




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