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TDS Teller Pro Count System

Introducing the TDS Teller Pro Count System, allowing you to seamlessly update your teller software directly from a currency discriminator. One unique feature of the TDS Teller Pro Count System is its easy integration. The Teller APP comes already installed, ready to support any current Operating System and communicate directly with the banking software. Cash […]


Cassida Pro Zeus

The Cassida Pro Series Zeus defines a new dawn in 2-pocket currency discriminators. Its unparalleled bill recognition, advanced counterfeit detection, detailed reporting and approachable user interface stand above and beyond any competing industry offering— with the fewest false rejects of any discriminator in its class! The peak performance of the Zeus also comes in a compact, quiet build that fits perfectly in any business environment.


ARCA CM18 Solo

Personal cash recycler The perfect solution when privacy matters. The CM18 Solo is the only cash recycler on the market designed for an individual user. When you want to create a more private banking experience for your customers, the CM18 Solo is the perfect solution. Having cash inventory secured right at their fingertips, means your […]



Intelligent and elegant. Proven cash recycling performance with style. The CM18 Evo is built upon the same CM18 platform banks and credit unions have relied on for years. This sleek machine includes an updated bill reader that more accurately detects counterfeits and significantly increases note acceptance which dramatically reduces transaction time. The design presents a […]


ARCA CM18 Solo+

Flexible and adaptable. Designed for the largest bank in the United States. As ARCA’s most flexible recycler system, the CM18 Solo+ easily transitions to a variety of branch cash environments. The Solo+ adds a secure, locked teller cash drawer and pedestal base with rolled coin locker to a recycler. It’s designed for the individual user […]



Superior Performance Quite possibly the most reliable cash recycler ever built. For years the ARCA CM18 has been delivering tremendous value. Manual cash handling tasks are performed many times faster than a teller… without human error. Tellers are able to focus on great customer service while the CM18 does the busy work. The design and […]



AST 7000 is an automatic cash in-cash out recycling unit. Designed to guarantee very high performances in counters with many cash transactions, AST 7000 NT5 ensures the security and reliability needed to project open branches, allowing at the same time to speed up cash processing operations. The teller cash recycler handles the storage, safekeeping (the […]

TDS CCR-500 300x377

TDS CCR-500 Retail Cash Recycler / Till Manager

Cash Room Automation The TDS CCR-500 receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency and coin. By dispensing pre-programmed till amounts and automating the final till deposit for immediate balance, it shortens the time and reduces the number of employees needed to maintain cash throughout the day. All information is recorded in back-office software for management to […]


Magner 909 Self Service Coin Sorter

The Magner 909 self-service coin sorter is an easy-to-use, self-service lobby coin sorting system that will give current and new customers another reason to visit your branch. It provides an opportunity to gain new prospects from those who normally visit grocery stores to sort change. The 909 allows visitors to sort their loose change into […]




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