Jaguar’s webATM software is the web-based, deposit automation system for complete end to end check processing for ATMs and other check accepting teller automation devices.

webATM was developed to provide banks and credit unions a quick, inexpensive, easy way to deploy image enabled ATMs and other deposit automation devices.

  • X9 directly to any item processor or clearing network
  • Email notification on incoming deposits.
  • All devices can be consolidated in one web view.
Product Features

  • ATM files are securely transferred from ATM Agents to the Jaguar webATM cloud
  • Connects to multiple ATMs in an ATM network
  • Compatible with most industry standard Automated Teller Machines and can be deployed in a mixed fleet environment.
  • Batches all transactions by terminal and provide the ability to view each terminals current deposit volume from a single web page.
  • Moves transactions received after a cutoff time to the next day’s processing.
  • Automatically generates virtual deposit tickets for each transaction
  • Automatically generates virtual cash in tickets to represent cash in a transaction.
  • Virtual endorsement of each check based on the customers’ requirements. The virtual endorsement can include ATM ID number and ATM Transaction number.
  • Send email notifications after processing each transaction
  • Creates an X9.37 Image Cash Letter. The X9.37 ICL file can either be downloaded directly from the site or can be automatically forwarded via FTP if desired. X9.37 ICL files can be generated automatically on a regular schedule or can be generated manually via the webATM website.

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