TDS Teller Pro Count System

Introducing the TDS Teller Pro Count System, allowing you to seamlessly update your teller software directly from a currency discriminator.

One unique feature of the TDS Teller Pro Count System is its easy integration. The Teller APP comes already installed, ready to support any current Operating System and communicate directly with the banking software. Cash Counting Equipment has become a standard fixture on teller lines, and in Retail counting rooms.

Though these machines save a lot of time, the automation is only half complete. The tellers still have to write down the counts and then manually enter them from the machine into their teller program. This is both time consuming and prone to errors. The TDS Teller Pro Count System overcomes these limitations by automatically populating the cash received entry fields in the teller app.

The TDS Teller Pro Count System utliizes the industry leading Cassida Zeus currency discriminator. Learn more about the Zeus here.

Product Features

• Integration to Teller app for automatic entry
• Compact, Easy to use design
• Quiet Operation
• Uninterrupted counting
• Fewest rejects of good bills
• Unparalleled bill recognition
• Advanced counterfeit detection
• Detailed count report functions
• Innovative technology
• Better security
• More uptime, less downtime

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