ARCA CM18 Solo

Personal cash recycler

The perfect solution when privacy matters.

The CM18 Solo is the only cash recycler on the market designed for an individual user. When you want to create a more private banking experience for your customers, the CM18 Solo is the perfect solution.

Having cash inventory secured right at their fingertips, means your sales staff can help relieve busy teller lines. Not only does this reduce wait times, it gives your sales staff the opportunity to connect with customers and slow down the branch visit to have conversations that generate revenue and improve customer service.

This innovative adaptation of the traditional cash recycler is built on the same proven, reliable cash recycling platform as our dual user machine.

Right size. Right fit.

The CM18 Solo was designed with the universal banker in mind, allowing cash automation in locations like universal banker desks, offices and pods for more private banking transactions. It can be positioned discreetly under a desk while other services are being sold but ready to handle cash transactions. The CM18 Solo accommodates both sitting and standing work stations and solves problems such as odd number of tellers. As the smallest cash recycler in the CM18 family, its 6-8 cassettes capacity is perfectly suited for the cash needs of universal bankers and customer service staff.


Product Features

ARCA CM18 Solo


  • Deposit/dispense in batches of up to 200 notes (without limits per transaction)
  • Note bundles can contain any supported currency in any order or orientation
  • CM18 Solo Tall: 6, 8, 10 or 12 cassettes
  • 37.09” (h) x 17.32” (w) x 31.50” (l)
  • CM18 Solo Short: 6 or 8 cassettes
  • 26.45” (h) x 17.32” (w) x 31.50” (l)
  • Deposit speed: 5 notes per second
  • Dispense speed: 7 notes per second
  • Up to 500 notes per cassette (6,000 total)
  • Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light, magnetic and ultrasound sensors
  • TCP/IP Ethernet


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