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Advanced cash recycling helps you connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Use the power of the innovative LG CNS LTA-350 to increase efficiency, security and cost control in your branch— all while building better relationships with your customers. The most advanced cash recycling solution on the market, the user-friendly LTA-350 can elevate service levels and increase profitability at the same time.

How can a cash recycler help your branch?
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The LG LTA-350 is the complete solution to reduce costs and increase cash security. As the most advanced recycler on the market, the LTA-350 has industry-leading features like:

Unattended Self-Audit

Using LG’s Operational Cassette, an internal cash audit can be performed behind multiple layers of security, never exposing cash.

Banknote Serial Number Tracking and Reporting

An exclusive feature of the LTA-350, note serial numbers are tracked and recorded for enhanced accuracy and security.

Industry Leading Note Handling Speed of 12 Notes-per-Second

Notes are deposited and dispensed at an industry-leading 12 notes-per-second, reducing transactions times.

600 Note Deposit Hopper Capacity With Continuous Feed

The large hopper and continuous feeding allow for uninterrupted bulk deposit processing.

Built-In Quick Bill Mix Count and Sorting Feature

The LTA-350’s input and output hoppers also serve as a full-featured, 2-pocket currency counter.

Total Banknote Recycling Capacity of Over 12,000 Notes

Intelligent, interchangeable cassette storage allows for a massive 12,000 note recycling capacity.

Supports Direct-Connected Coin Dispensers

Dont Forget About Coin! The LTA-350 Accepts Direct Connected Coin Dispensers.

Separate Reject Pocket for Suspect/Counterfeit Notes

Suspect or Counterfeit notes are sent to a separate pocket, allowing the operator to isolate those notes for proper handling.