Technique Data Systems

Maximize Productivity

The MX8800 automates many routine teller transactions seamlessly and supports a variety of options for supporting the customer in person or via remote video conference. The result? The ability for branches to handle more transactions with fewer resources.

Build Trust

The MX8800’s many security features protect both consumer and institutional data enabling the ability to develop long-term, trusted, client relationships.

Exceed Client Expectations

Today’s customers demand safe, secure, and efficient money- management solutions. The MX8800 increases client satisfaction levels by supporting self-service and assisted transactions from a single terminal.

Customize Your Solution

Choose from a wide variety of configuration and integration options, standard hardware features, and personal engagement tools to meet customers’ unique needs while optimizing branch time and resources.

Empower Branch Employees

Serve more customers in new ways by eliminating manual processes. The MX8800 frees staff to focus on identifying and promoting bank products that can help customers achieve their financial goals.