Technique Data Systems

Fast, Secure, and Flexible
Industry-leading technology, high-capacity design, and speed make the MoniSafe 500 the most advanced cash recycling system on the market today.

Continuous Feed and Speed

The Nautilus Hysoung MoniSafe 500 gets the job done quickly. Most cash recyclers have a limited input hopper capacity but the MS500, by virtue of its continuous feed capability and extraordinary deposit and dispensing speed, allows for uninterrupted bulk deposit processing with no note limit. Rejected bills are presented to the operator to be unfolded and fed again or handled as mutilated. The 12 note per second speed is more than double the speed of most cash recyclers on the market.

External Transit Cassette
  • Auto audit inventory with no need to dispense, remove, or expose cash.
  • Replenish inventory without exposing large amounts of cash on the teller line.
  • Remove inventory without exposing large amounts of cash on the teller line.
  • Universal cassette can be used to refill other Nautilus-Hyosung ATM’s and Cash Recyclers.
Self Audit

The MoniSafe 500 provides the option to self-audit its content without the need to physically remove cash from the unit. Cash in each recycling cassette is counted and audited by first moving it to the overflow cassette and then back to the original cassette, never exposing the cash. This process takes minutes and eliminates the need for the traditional dual control manually counted audit.