Technique Data Systems

Payment Processing

If you handle checks or payments we have software to automate the processing. 

Jaguar Software, the Affordable Digital Payment Processing System.

Digital Payment Processing with Jaguar Software will automate the data entry of account receivables through the use of a scanner and software that captures information from payment coupons, full page documents, check stubs and checks.

Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Customer Service.

How does it work? Checks and payment documents are stacked by transaction and fed through the scanner for imaging and information capture. The system uses MICR, CAR/LAR, ICR. OCR, and/or Barcode to recognize data. This data is then used to populate the required fields for the accounting system and to create the electronic deposit. MI Payment Processing can detect check boxes, compare fields, verify presence of data in fields, and invoke actions based on information read. If there is information on the payment coupon, MirrorImage Payment Processing interprets the data and takes action based on the custom defined requirements.
The transactions are quickly balanced and a click of the mouse exports the correctly formatted file for your accounting system regardless of the system provider. Then another click of the mouse sends your electronic deposit to your bank.
If your business uses payment coupons or other remittance documents you can benefit. Whether you are a government agency, utility, insurance, credit card or property management company, medical or dental office, service company or any type of business that hand posts, we can demonstrate an affordable, flexible, easy to use solution to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with payment processing.